Be remembered and engage your audience through a creative custom display solution.


Experienced Team

With over 30 years combined experience we think we have an amazing team and we’re sure you will think the same too!  From our first conversation you will have one dedicated point of contact from Design to Completion.  We keep in constant communication to ensure a stress-free lead up to your event as well as providing detailed budget transparency so you have complete control.

Creative Design

Its one thing to simply design a stand.  At Brandbooth we  will work with you to create an innovative display that’s specifically built around your objectives and brand image.  Our Design Team is focussed on creating a solution that works for YOU!  We take the time to understand why you are attending an event, what you are looking to achieve and how the exhibition display design can support your overall strategy.  From Full-Custom Creations to Customised Hire Solutions our team are passionate about ensuring your brand is represented in the best possible way.

Custom Display Production

When working with us you can be 100% confident that what we present in the 3D Visuals is what you will receive at Installation.  Our Production Team prides itself on delivering a quality solution that accurately represents the approved concept……When you trust us with your brand image we take it very seriously!

Customised Hire Solutions

Designing a high-impact display doesn’t have to be expensive or boring!!  Whether you have a one-off event, are dipping your toe in the water or have a limited budget, we will design an effective solution for your next event.  In-fact, some of our most effective stand designs have been customised hire solutions.  Don’t be afraid to ask us for advice..it’s what we are here for!

Multi-Event Specialists

Do you attend multiple events in different cities?  How do you currently manage your calendar of events?  At Brandbooth we specialise in developing annual strategies in order to minimise unwanted costs including freight, storage and labour.  We maintain Installation Crews in all capital cities, offer Local Storage in Melbourne (with Interstate Options) and pass on our Preferred Supplier Transportation Rates to assist you as much as possible.

Existing Booth Ownership

Do you already own a Custom-Built Display?  Perhaps it’s in storage?  Maybe it needs a refurbishment?  Our team would be more than happy to provide a comparison budget for your next installation.  We can take care of any shipping, conduct a pre-show inspection and make any adjustments prior to going on-site.